Domain Registration

When you register your website with us, you will have a quality domain registration, as well as a quality hosting service. We register not only the Nepali domains but also the international domains, including dot com, dot net, dot info, dot org, dot me, dot us, dot tv, dot biz, dot mobi, dot co, and dot ca. These domains are transferred to our server, and we register them free of cost.

We also make websites, which is responsive. In addition to this, we also have stored lots of names for your website which you can use, and we provide you these free of cost. You will also have an alternative to use the name that is in your beautiful mind.

Having a valid, correctly registered domain name or website name from Connect Nepal means, you will have your emails and your presence in the web under the care of a reliable hosting company. Over all, your file and data is well-protected. Being hosted by Connect Nepal also means your website is 100% hack free, and you receive 24/7 support from its certified engineers.

Connect Nepal also provides domain transfer service.


Users will find old domain easily in the browser. That is why, owner prefers old domain name to a new domain name. If you feel that your domain name is old, and if you want to sell it, Connect Nepal will help you. When you transfer your domain name, it means you have transferred domain name from one registrar to another.
If you feel uncomfortable with your previous hosting company, and if you want to have the service of Connect Nepal, it will help you. You always get an adequate service from Connect Nepal.


Please feel free to contact it if you need any types of assistance in domain registration and domain transfer service.