Help Desk Support

Connect Nepal provide a highly trained, experienced and qualified IT help desk services that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We believe that lost productivity means lost revenue, which includes the potential loss of clients and opportunities. While, our main aim is to keep your staff active and productive.

Business need you to available in any condition, where your customer’s needs you most. Connect Nepal has the best and winning solution. We are based in Kathmandu and you will find our staff are some of the most helpful, professional, and smartest people.

Only choose a help desk, from which your works get easy. Connect Nepal help you on management and training costs, HR, short-term or long-term, part-time or full-time, local, national and also worldwide.

We provide management tools and remote monitoring with cutting-edge. We are always standby to remote within your area to manage any troubled machines. If the remote solution stops working means does not work, we will provide some of our best specialist or experts at your door to fix the problems and you can resume your works.

Connect Nepal help desk services Facts and Benefits:

Our best staff provides friendly, fast and effective solution that makes your employee easy in IT.
You have different options to contact us, for example email, chat, and phone. 
You can track your quires anytime. 
Team with highly trained, experienced and qualified provide best support. 
We provide services which is cost effective. 
We have our own help-desk staff, so we do not outsource them, 
You can come and meet our staff who provide support for you. 
Give Connect Nepal a call, so you can feel more confident in your Help Desk.