IT Consultancy

Do you have a hard time understanding how to use the IT tools, systems, and resources available for you? Do you find that you are unequipped to understand the language and skills required to fully optimize your IT resources? In our IT consulting Connect Nepal, we offer you all the technical resources and IT support needed to elevate your business from a low-technology level to an excellent business platform for state-of-the-art IT technology so that your profitability and productivity never takes a hit.

What services are available?
System development, implementation, Centralized IT resources and optimization of networks among many others. We are the ultimate solution providers for you because of two very important reasons:
We have highly skilled network developers, web designers, and engineers to give you just what you want.

Our prices are highly competitive and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 
When considering IT consulting Connect Nepal, you need to think Connect Nepal, as your number one IT Consultancy to all your IT queries. Our services will definitely help you propel your business towards enhanced profitability. Our services are highly affordable and you also have the flexibility to choose from either a fixed price for a detailed project or an hourly rate for consultancy charges.

Some of the highlights of our industry leading IT consulting Connect Nepal are:

System development
We will develop a system that will work in tandem with your needs and those of your clients, propelling your output into a much more client friendly system and in effect increasing your customer base.

Network and the web design
Good websites and networks are ideal for the tech interested business owner; improving customer base outreach and sales. This is why you need IT consulting services. We will not only setup working networks for you, but create long lasting relationships with you that ensure that you never face issues like downtime with your websites and networks.

Effective IT infrastructure
Our highly skilled engineers will ensure that your IT infrastructure is efficient and effective, that you have a Data backup and disaster management system that works, infrastructure upgrades and a help-desk that is skilled in handling all your queries as and when they arise.

Data safety
We ensure that we put up systems that are safe and secure for you and your existing and potential clients. Data encrypting and backup is incorporated in our private and public cloud services so you never have to worry about data safety.

In addition to these, we provide a multitude of IT consulting services for our valuable clients to help them with everything related to IT. Have a look at our services at a glance:

System development
Network design, implementation, and optimization
Centralized IT resources
Server setup and upgrade
Workstations setup and upgrade
Antivirus, Anti-spam, malware management
Cabling, data networking
Disaster planning and recovery
Telephony services
Web development

So, don’t wait any further. Contact us today and allow our highly skilled team of IT engineers and analysts the chance to show you why we are the best IT consulting services provider in the business.