IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Upgrade Service is what every organization needs nowadays. In the age of digitalization, IT infrastructure has become an essential because it protects the sensitive information of your business and allows your organization to stay in tune with the dynamics of planning, designing, indexing, mobile applications, apps, web development, networking of customers and employees. It should be flawless; it should guarantee result.

What is an IT Infrastructure?

“IT Infrastructure is the mixed pack of the systems, equipment, services, support and software that are used by the companies and organizations.”

Our IT Infrastructure upgrade service:

Server upgrade



Outdated, slow, unreliable servers are real pain for business. This will hinder the performance. It also creates a potential security issue and risk. You have to upgrade your old server because the up-gradation will give you peace of mind, and your organization will also benefit from it. In addition to this, you will have the latest and compatible applications, as well as we will transfer your old files safely.


Desktop Upgrade

If your office desktop PC runs slowly and is more than three years old, it is time to upgrade your PC. We Connect Nepal, offer a complete range of desktop PC deployment, repair, and upgrade service. Our team of experienced technicians and engineers provide desktop up-gradation and installation service, per your requirements. When they upgrade, they make sure that you get all the applications and data back to a new PC as it was in an old PC. They make your desktop not only faster but also responsive.